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Malfunctioning taps may seem like minor problems but they can become big inconveniences. Whether the tap is leaking, not turning off or on or merely needs replacing we are here to help. Our plumbers carry a variety of taps on their vans and in the event do not possess the required part they would know where to find them to assure a fast, quality repair or replacement is still possible.

Leaking pipes are a common issue and one we have many years experience in fixing. Employing excellent product knowledge and investigate ability, our plumbers quickly identify the cause and source of any leaks and are effective at repairing them. Pipe leaks are repaired by fixing the washer, isolating the leak or replacing the sections of pipe. If the pipe is unexposed (e.g. behind a wall) our plumbers can expose the leak for you (depending on the obstructing material in general.)

Toilets are utilities of obvious importance in the property but can be prone to multiple issues including leaks, flush issues and blockages. Our plumbers carry a variety of parts on their van to aid in immediate repair and carry plungers or chemicals if you need a blockage clearing. If the whole toilet, its cistern or sink need replacing this is also a service we provide.

Water tanks or immersion heaters are also prone to leaks or damage; these are also areas of remedial work within our skills. Often the ball valve may need replacing in the water tank and sometimes the whole tank or immersion heater would need replacing.

Our plumbers are competent in the area of shower repair or replacement. Possessing excellent product knowledge on the different makes, types and their inner components of the showers our plumbers aim for an effective solution to the issues at hand.

Occasionally you may need old radiators repaired or relocating or you may need new radiators installing. We provide all of these services. Just advise us where you want the new radiator installed or the radiator relocated to and we will provide.

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Bathroom Installations

If you are interested in a completely new bathroom installation you need look no further. We are aware of the needs of our customers and provide a professional and competent bathroom installation services. The standard procedure is for our plumber to quote on site at a time of your convenience and to take it from there. Many who have opted for this service have been impressed with our workmanship, professionalism and skill.

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